Capture is not uploading and/or downloading

Different solutions for fixing uploading and downloading problems are scenario-dependent:

Sometimes, the connection to our servers has a time out. This means that your application and our servers are no longer talking. To fix this, you can try one of the following actions:

For Android or iOS:

  • The easiest is to turn on Airplane mode. Let it stay there for about 10 seconds, then turn it off again. See if the upload/download starts.

For Samsung and Nexus phone:

  • Turn off “Battery Optimization”

For Lollipop and Marshmallow Android OS:

  • Go to your phone Settings, then choose “Battery” and press “Detail” in the App power saving section. Find Capture among the listed apps and turn off “Battery Optimization” for Capture.

For Nougat Android OS:

  • Go to your phone Settings > App > Capture > Data usage and make sure that you have enabled, “Allow Background Data Usage”.

For iOS:

  • Log out of the application. It’s important that you select "Log out" through the menu under "Settings". Don’t just close the application.
  • In case you have saved your pictures on iCloud and want to upload them on Capture, please allow access by going to: Device Settings > iCloud > Photos > Enable iCloud Photo Library. Free space on your phone should be more than the total size of pictures / videos you are uploading on Capture in one go because it creates temporary cache on your phone memory, before uploading on Capture.
  • Facing issues with uploading pictures while Capture app is running in background? Enable background sync by going to: Device Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  • Still having problems? Turn the phone off and on again.

Other Troubleshooting Steps for Android and iOS:

  • Check that you have the right upload settings - see where are upload settings?
  • If none of the above work, you could be using an old version of Capture. Open the app store on your phone and check for updates.


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