How do I share an Album?


Sign in to Capture and click on the top left menu with three parallel lines,  then select ‘Albums’ from the menu. Click on 3 dots appearing on top right of the album you want to share and choose “Share Album”.

Android and iOS:

To invite people to your Album, open it and tap on "Share" button on the top right of side of your screen. If your friend(s) have Capture on their phone and when you share photos through text message, they will be taken directly to the App and where they can start adding photos or comment on existing photos. As people join your Album, you’ll see how many friends have added or commented on the photos. You can also choose between whether your friends can add photos or comment on your Album. 

Note: There are both private and shared albums and you can at any time switch between these for the albums you own. This is done from the sharing section in the album in the app or from the album settings menu on web.

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